Reviews for "Awaken the Air"

This is delicious!

I love this song dude. You definitely took your style to an all new height with this. Now I have to think of something new to keep up with you.

Seriously, this is incredible.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! It's getting negative votes but all of my good songs do, haha.

Yeah your stuff is still better. I wouldn't try too hard to "keep up" since you're already ahead.

Really hyped up

This has a very hyped up feeling. Could see it being used in an action or boss stage actually. The synth and overloaded bass 'n' drums make this a very loud and clear song for one thing. AWESOME. Really would go nice in that game as well possibly. The second synth has a nice up feeling to it as well.

The overall flow seems to be uplifting and almost something for people to rave to as well from the way it feels. I could see myself just kind of waving my hands in the air and breaking it down as this truly great song is placed. Really enjoying the flow of this tune though.

Would love to hear more from you in the future. Great job on this piece of work.

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! I'm not sure why this is rated so poorly haha but I don't guess I mind, especially since this review was good.

Thanks again! I'm psyched that you liked it!

Freakin Awesome

Dude hands down one of the best songs ive heard from you. Freakin Sweet keep it up!!!

OpenLight responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate this review, and I'll try to make stuff of the same style in the future!