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Reviews for "Spatulaman Ep.1"

Nice work

That was really good. Better that i expected it to turn out actually!
The suspense is killing me, release the next one!
Good luck with the school project.

realy good idea

this is pretty unique, but the uniqueness would be better in a different movie, this series looks like it needs 2 be in a movie, not with pictures, but it is a good idea and i recomend u putting it in else

you might wanna

you migh twanna animate future episodes.

I -CAN- write a review...

Yeah ok...our flash has a big score...however remember that we have a long way to go before our work will be concidered 'great'. You have a good concept and I can see many more Spatulaman's being produced.
But remember! you have to keep at it improve your skills and above all listen to criticism!
If you do these things you can maybe have an entire series of flashes that score high and that people will watch over and over again.
To sum up: Add more animation, sound (maybe voices too) and make each comic longer.
Do this and be rewarded.
Your partner in crime...Emerald-Fox.


Great concept of the kitchen warfare thing. I just wish that this had been an animation and not just a comic. Good job for a first submission, though! Most people just do something like B.

Keep flashing!

- Rig