Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"

As always

Awesome as always=AAA!

poor master120

some one is butt-hurt because of yer music... don't like it? then why you come here? btw i'm 24 years old ya dick ass and i like this guy's music... so take yer itunes and go play in traffic...

all right now i'm all done with that noise.... this song is a little too upbeat for my tastes but not enough to knock it down a star or two. also, it seems like ya need to tie the knot at the beginning and end so they mesh perfectly... all in all good work, keep it up!

Retro yet modern - the old and new in a perfect marriage of sound and execution. As always, your work impresses me, and undoubtedly everyone else who has had the good fortune to hear it.

10/10 - though saying it seems a bit redundant since all of your work gets a perfect score in my book :P

Did you own a super Nintendo game called top gear as a kid? This is so catchy and reminds me of that theme. It's awesome.

I'm jammin my socks off to this song. I wish I could listen to more of your work.