Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"


Thought it was the Triple Gear one xD but noticed the higher pitch and slight changes through out the song.
Like the beat :P

ParagonX9 responds:

Yeah it was based on triple gear, but this time not a remix =]

parts of it almost sound...

like Forest Maze from super mario RPG lol. good song as always paragon


one question tho, you said you submitted Triple Gear, and yet the author of that song is Apxn, so is that another account you used, or are you just lying?

This is amazing! Definitely makes me want them to put in in the next sonic game that comes out! It's that good! It ParagonX9, your songs inspire me to make my own music, so I downloaded Famitracker because of Chaoz Fantasy 8-bit, and FL Studio since I can't exactly afford Reason :/ Anyways, Great Job once again! You never cease to amaze us!

No hay problema aquĆ­ espero para escucharla .... :)
Gracias por mejorar mi dia a dia con tus canciones.....:)