Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"

Very nice

So this was pretty cool, I "REMEMBER" always listening and reviewing your stuff back in the day it was some of the "BEST" sound around and I feel its still some of the best so really nice work here and hope you grace us with even more brilliant sounds such as this piece.

So normally I have a little something to ad here but with this particular submission I thaught it was just right and had its moments but was not in any need for any changes.


DOnkey Kong for the win i suppose.

If you look in Donkey Kong games for SNES. If you listen hard enough, you'll find it in one o them.

A 4/10 because despite the good production wuality, and work with the instruments and synths, it's an unorginal beat, and you didn't even admit you used one from Donkey Kong.

ParagonX9 responds:

Hmm i do not know any of the donkey kong songs except for stickerbrush symph.
but this song doesn't have anything to do with donkeykong.
I think you made a mistake here. Or it must be coincidence that it sounds
similar to a donkeykong song =/

I consider this song as something being unoriginal. I'm pretty sure parts of it were lifted from Sonic the Hedgehog.


Oh boy, more of Paragon's over-rated music. This techno trash only appeals to 12 year olds, and that's why you're popular. Because a lot of little kids browse this site.

But in reality you're mediocre at best, and REAL music-lovers despise your songs. Seriously, go look, you're rated a 2 out of 10 on ITunes. You're only making yourself look bad.


SOMEWHERE I have the version of this that you never released in this style - the triple gear song - I still love this though - but I still hum the other version to it instead hehe :P