Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"

5 star from everyone, its so epic you're like a legend in the moment for me right now

I knew the moment I heard this that it sounded familiar, I started searching for Triple Gear and found out that I heard it from "There's no time to explain". Great song!

Awesome song, your best for me !
This loop's turning for long and doesn't get as boring as a Nyan Cat after hours x)

I love video games musics but don't have much else than big licenses like LoZ or FF. The only artist I took some sounds so far was HalcyonicFalconX for those awesome Epic Battle Fantasy songs.
But now that I realize, I already had one of yours : Chaoz Fantasy ^^ I heard it in a shoot'em up flash game (Neuron by memory) and it was so awesome I checked credits (for once I found credits to be useful :D) to get it quick !
Then today I found this song coupled with Triple Gear and... discovered (if I'm right) that you were that "APXN" and the Chaoz Fantasy maker \o/

That wall of text to say : 3 songs found by accident by a LAZY person (!) and without knowing it was all from the same person proves how GREAT you are ;)

I'm not fan of D&B style, but I think fast beat video game style fits you really well. Hope you'll continue !

Did you own a super Nintendo game called top gear as a kid? This is so catchy and reminds me of that theme. It's awesome.

It remember me the game Top Gear xD I love this song!

Its a music that combines perfectly with any frenetic videogame, for me, one of the reasons to play reactance is to hear this music

Thank you very much for this song!