Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"

not your best

this doesnt comes close to your best, but still good non the less

ParagonX9 responds:

i agree with you. i hope i can get a new pc soon so i can more serious stuff again.

DOnkey Kong for the win i suppose.

If you look in Donkey Kong games for SNES. If you listen hard enough, you'll find it in one o them.

A 4/10 because despite the good production wuality, and work with the instruments and synths, it's an unorginal beat, and you didn't even admit you used one from Donkey Kong.

ParagonX9 responds:

Hmm i do not know any of the donkey kong songs except for stickerbrush symph.
but this song doesn't have anything to do with donkeykong.
I think you made a mistake here. Or it must be coincidence that it sounds
similar to a donkeykong song =/

Nice unique touch!

Great! i liked it, the melody was inspiring and the song fits nicely.
But.. i thought the souunds were a bit basic, you coulda done better and you still can!

5/5 :P


immediatly catching and easy to listen!! turns you happy in a sec! that's a song!! ;)

Ah! Nice!

Maar ben jij die andere gasten ook? KFNX en APXN?
Echt nice! Keep it up! Lekker veel producer,
Ooit een collab doen?

ParagonX9 responds:

Hey pokerock! haha 1st review =]
Njah die accounts had ik heel lang geleden gemaakt toen ik vet veel unfinished
en crap songs wilde submitten onder een andere naam.
Kunnen mayb ooit collab doen, maar heb er nooit echt de tijd voor.
mrjah wie weet! =]

Thanks for je reviews en comments enzo ;)