Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"


I love listening to your music. Long before I even found newgrounds, I had listened to your music on youtube. :) This is a great song and I hope you make many more good songs.

Bad speakers kill even the greatest music. . .

Another EPIC song!

Just noticed while listening to your song with my bad laptop speakers how much I missed of all your great sounds.

So to all you people out there, get some highclass speaker system / great headphones, before even thinking about commenting badly to this artist!

"You Suck at"

You suck at disappointing people. i got ur other song in my phone the Bluemarine, and now this? Wow ur a Really Talented person with beats.

Keep it up so i can see your name around alot XD
imma download this one too XD

Never Stop!

Another excellent addition to your collection.


I see your name everywhere on this site. I wish I was as popular as you lol. Good song.