Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"

That troll is just jealous.

I played a game with song in it, and it made me hyperactive.
That song did fit perfectly for that space-game.

Thanks for spending your time to make music that I can listen to.

Haha them haters

You kno wat they say about haters ;), im not a 12year old and i like your music!

keep up the overrated music!

poor master120

some one is butt-hurt because of yer music... don't like it? then why you come here? btw i'm 24 years old ya dick ass and i like this guy's music... so take yer itunes and go play in traffic...

all right now i'm all done with that noise.... this song is a little too upbeat for my tastes but not enough to knock it down a star or two. also, it seems like ya need to tie the knot at the beginning and end so they mesh perfectly... all in all good work, keep it up!

O'm with carkwarrior on this one

I may of failed the two music glasses i was in highcholl and middle school, but i can still tell good music when i hear it, unplug your ears and you'll find this "trash" on nearly all free roaming RPG games. It's people like Paragon that keep a gaming industry floating, i forget how long ago but i recall a study showing that almost 60% of gamers recalling music about a game far before good storylines, memorable character, plot twists, and all that other jazz. one day i do hope Paragon actually manages to get her song into a main stram game, if she has then kodos (and tell me which one please lol)


Oh boy, more of Paragon's over-rated music. This techno trash only appeals to 12 year olds, and that's why you're popular. Because a lot of little kids browse this site.

But in reality you're mediocre at best, and REAL music-lovers despise your songs. Seriously, go look, you're rated a 2 out of 10 on ITunes. You're only making yourself look bad.