Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Infinity"

Retro yet modern - the old and new in a perfect marriage of sound and execution. As always, your work impresses me, and undoubtedly everyone else who has had the good fortune to hear it.

10/10 - though saying it seems a bit redundant since all of your work gets a perfect score in my book :P

Great work as always! You managed to take your old song and somehow make it even better. The song is very catchy and loops perfectly. I always find myself listening to your music when I'm on Newgrounds because you never let us down. Your music always captivates and entertains everyone who listens to it. Also incase you didn't know Chaoz Fantasy is the number 1 song of all time her on NG based on rating. Well deserved. Hope to see more work from you!


I think i've heard this song before and it was really awesome in a videogame... BUT WAIT THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS AWESOME MUSIC!

You are the reason i`m here on NG today. I played a game that used this song and downloaded it since it was so awesome. I didn`t think much over it until now, but I didn`t know that one of my favorite musicians today made the original. Fantastic, Truck on!!

Absolutely amazing. I listen to your music each and every day and I love it.
Next time I get the chance you can have all my monies. But seriously I love your music. Never stop doing what you do because it is awesome. Keep it up.
P.S I will definitely donate to you as long as you keep up this amazing work :D