Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"


That was a great DBZ movie. I liked the way you put the vioces in, can't waite for episode 2 Gud Job! Keep it up


AWESOME! I hav always been a fan of DBZ. Will ther ever b a sequel??!!!

hrechkaness responds:

yup currently in the works actually. still pretty far from done but there will be a sequal ;)


not bad your movie wasn't too bad

yeap good

its a good cartoon, but the reason it is good is because you have used clips from the actual series, and replaced frieza with vegeta, that takes away the "WOW" for me but, its a good tribute to dbz

hrechkaness responds:

you are right i did take clips from the series but I didn't replace frieza with vegeta. That scene with gohan standing over piccolo however is from the episode of goku turning into a SS for the first time but piccolo getting owned was from the saiyan saga. thanks for the review!

pretty impressive indeed

10 stars :D