Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"


When Vegeta lookes surpriced that Goku goes SSj, i also was surpriced! IT LOOKED LIKE THE ORIGIONAL!!!! Your so good! And if you have done this in Flash....
Holy cow!

Amazing mix of the audio

And brilliant looking flash video too! Thumbs up!

Anyone who thinks this is stupid is stupid.

This was cool! I can seriously see Vegeta doing that.

Just great!

haha, i couldnt help but laugh with hercule in there with a scouter. great job of mixing differnt scenes in with each other to make a general story line with a nice twist =D. and the sounds/music/voice alligning was good too.

id wanna see more =)

it could be better but keeo it up!!!!

this caught my attenetion because of the good art nbut also have a story line and i assuer you that u would get at least a 9