Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"

At last

Im so glad that at least some people still have the ambition to carry on dragon ball z my life as a child revolved round it , this animation was amazing man i was gobsmacked that u really drew them i can tell u have put a lot of work into this and deserve the outcome well done


Great flash.

Drawrings and animation were Ok.
Points for the fact it wasn't a direct copy of some dbz episode BUT id really want to see your skills used in much more creative and original way.
It was Good overwall!
If you are going to do some original works please let me know :D

hrechkaness responds:

you are going to see some complete freehand work on the upcoming Newgrounds Street Fighter collab :D should be out sometime feburary

What would've happened

Vegeta would kill Goku cuz i would get soooo angry and almost blow up and he would also transform

damn ryu-ninja u got pwned by mitch

and also i love to see that someone still has love for DBZ since they stopped makeing episodes (at least i know in america they did).but please continue ur efforts to remake all the classic or new episodes....oh 10/10 5/5


There is no skill in tracing, so I'd suggest you learn how to draw freehand.

hrechkaness responds:

lol well there may be no skill in tracing but apparently you need a skill to read? in my author comments i already wrote that nothing was traced but that the character pics were redrawn from dbz episodes. If you really want to prove me wrong, which you won't, go and take the actual episodes and my character drawings and put them ontop of eachother and see for yourself. There are clear differences and it still makes me laugh that people like you spam the same useless garbage over hard work. gj, you will not be missed