Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"

That was pretty amazing.

I enjoyed it big time.

Brian Drummond FTW!

Everything was good exept I could tell most or all was traced scenes. I don't blame you though because the way dbz was done is hard to imitate, ecspecially the fighting.

hrechkaness responds:

the pictures weren't traced but they were direct reference from the show. I just tried my best to make look as close as possible lol

Hey nice job....

I've been working with flash for about 8 months now, I still haven't completed one yet, but I'm trying to do something similar to this, I have pretty much the same question Bugsy did, I would really appreciate it if you would tell me how you made nice lines with the paint brush tool in flash and please give detail, trust me I'll understand.....please respond I really have to know, thanks....

hrechkaness responds:

i used both the brush and the line tool for this flash. The beginning half is the brush tool and the second half is all line tool. With the line tool all i did was make a bunch of straight lines and bent it to match the lines but for the brush all it really came down to was time and patients. I would draw one stroke of line then another then another. I tried staying zoomed in for the whole pic so that the whole outlined matched rather then some parts being more bolder then others.

Awesome as usual

Ehem....I noticed that some of the lines drawn resembled more of the paint brush tool, not the line tool, am I wrong? If so, can you tell me exactly what you used....... I wish I could make lines like that.....and lol at Hercule

Im very impressed

Not only am I impressed by the idea and animation but what amazed me more was the combination of the sagas.
Having the scene where Piccolo guards Gohan was obvioustly from the part with Nappa and so on.

I even enjoyed how well synced you did the ending with the commentator....couldn't really hear the skips in the theme due to it being different sections.

All in all...its pretty damn good man