Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"

It's good....VERY good

Very clever,splicing the audio from different episodes together huh? Your animation was very good (on par with the original at least).

Altough you weren't entirely original, I do applaud your audio and animation-both are superb.

Good work.

Woooowie Zoooowie

That was actually....really good. You did an excellent job with the voice clipping like, really really good. It actually sounded and looked professionally done as there wasn't a single moment where your sketches didn't flow properly with the voices. The only thing that sounded a little off was at the end with the next weeks episode preview thing where the bad guy's name/description changed from whoever it was originally to Vegeta, but it was still pretty good nonetheless.

Your drawings of the various characters was surprisingly refreshing and actually gave me the feel that I was watching a real Dragonball Z episode, so, kudos to you. The animation itself seemed to flow smoothly, so no critisim there.

I would seriously enjoy watching a "next installment" of this first episode. Btw, Vegeta pwnz ur soulz.

Pretty good!

Cant really say it made sence but the graphics were really good and the sound went in good, except at the end when the narator said vegeta


i love the music!