Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"

nice job tracing... everything..

it took no talent to really do this...

what you did

1. you understood how flash works
2. you rearranged voice clips to match a twisted story
3. traced everything strait from the episodes

sorry man... but honestly... you had no creative role in this what so ever.

try something completely drawn by you next time.

hrechkaness responds:

its not traced but i can understand from where your coming from. redrawing pictures that has already been made before isn't very creative nor is it original other then what i make out of it. Your wrong about your little 1-3 tips though. It took a lot more effort then what you make out to be. tip 1 - yeahs of coarse i understand how flash works thats how i was able to make a movie (duh!) thats nothing new. tip 2 - why yeahs i did rearrange the voice clips to make my own episode. I think sometimes that was actually harder then actually animatng the movie itself because it had to flow properly. tip three is just a downright lie but i am guilty of redrawing pics from the episodes which i already explained in my authors comments which you were probably too lazy to read. I do apprieciate your comment about creativity i would really like to freelance draw everything myself if i was that good at it maybe with a little more time but im not quite ready for that yet.

Pretty good

The graphics were great
The animation was alright, nothing special
The special effects were a mixed bag, some good others lacking
The music was good
The voices were straight from the show
The violence was lacking


nice movie it look just like the show


Wow... incredible "replication", Nice voices, nice efects, and a good argument...


That was amazing, it was like it was a real episode! The vioce acting was plain amazing,like straight from the show! And the graphics looked like the creator really made it as actual episode, it was amazing, as i said before, O.M.G.!