Reviews for "DragonballZ - TLE"

very cool.

You did an awesome job of doing that. I had almost forgotten how much I love DBZ. Think you can make a sequel to this? Great job, man!

hrechkaness responds:

Thank you I'm glad your a DBZ fan :P. I am currently working on the sequal right now which all I can say about it is its going to be pretty bad ass. Thanks for the review!

the best

i gotta say, thats most likely the best dbz flash movie on newgrounds, if anyone thinks theres anything better with better animation,drawings, please point it out!

hrechkaness responds:

Thank you very much. (NOT to be cocky) I would also like to see a great high quality dbz movie. New ones are hard to come across these days.

resembles cartoon


My days!
That looks exactly like the hand drawn cartoon!
Everything matched together!

What really impresses me the most is the damn drawing! WOW

It deserves over 10/10.

I have seen other DBZ flash, they look like the characters. But not like this one! This look EXACTLY like the character/drawing and the framerate moves like the animation!

hrechkaness responds:

Thank you very much. My goal is to make the greatest recreation of DBZ ever made. So far I'm doing alright but I'm not quite there yet. Expect the next one to be twice as intense and epic :P

10/10 Superb!

Wonderful piece of work, everything worked perfectly.
Tips for future:
Stick to a consistent style of drawing, brush seems better then line but it's harder, other than that.. WOAH!

hrechkaness responds:

yeah ive come to notice that. I do like the brush its for more of "artsy" kinda work but it is a lot harder to use and edit so i do actually prefer the line tool. That was more of an experimental type of animation style but the sequal is all going to be done with the line tool.

nice job!

hey man! i like dragonball z that u made..i'm a big fan of dragonball z..kepp up the good work!oh yeah wat program did u used.i hope u can send it to me at my yahho account:"alejando_velasco16@yahoo.com "thanks

hrechkaness responds:

Once my computers fixed i'll send you an email about the program i used. thx for your review