Reviews for "saturday"


amzing :D


a little dark but i had an ass hole just like that wheb i was younger lol

You, sir...

...are disturbed.

And so am I!
Fantastic idea! I luvvit!



I know someone like that, the kid that rubs it in, will always get it in the end. graphics quite cool.

A classic

To those who didn't get it

The kid isn't suicidal, in fact he's just a victim of his own stupidity

Remember the idiot copies everything the other kid does, when that happens the other kid would eventually grew annoyed that he would then trick him into doing something that would lead to what you will see in the ending although I may have spoiled it either way

Onward to the flash itself

Graphics: Crude by decent, kinda like a comic strip from the newspaper if you know what I mean

Humor: Dark, twisted and funny
That was cruel

Sound: Voice acting was kind of...well you know...not great although it fits well with the stupid kid which makes it funny along with the fact that the other kid sounded kind of like me when I have throat infection, it seems that given a lack of resources, you did all you can and remember the humor made up for it since the voice did provides them as well

Overall: The flash movie is short but sweet and it happens to be one of your funniest work along with the one regarding the users reviews, when it comes to messed up humor you're the master at that, especially your other work on why people get caught which have random humor and this one happens to have the similiar format but with better quality and funny concept as it times the event to the title date

I just want to know, when will you come back? Seriously we missed you and have been looking for your new work for years, when will you be back? At least make one more comeback before retiring for good. You're one of newgrounds' forgotten legends.

Great work and hopefully you'll be back

Keep it up!