Reviews for "saturday"

great movie, couldn;t be change for the better

I spat on a grave once.... it was my uncle's

Also i think that every has met someone like the fat boy in your movie. I believe that this is why it is like so much , people can relate. Classy.
Keep the good times rollin'...


i know kids like that and i HATE THEM

this is movie is awesome

i wish u kept ur other movies on newgrounds ...like ouch..and pimpin hos..and guy eats cake..

Hey, good work

Also liked the reviews movie. Good job guy.

You rule!!!

Wow man, you are so creative I gave you a ten on everything except interactivty(come on the only thing you do is click a button) You are a great flash animator I am excited on what your movie is going to be about. "hey Mike what's you doing?"
Mike: " I am preparing to blow a six inch hole in Osama BinLaden's head with my bazooka."