Reviews for "saturday"


No words needed!
Great job!


USE ME IN UR NEXT 'MY REVIEW" MOVIE PLZ!!! LOL OGM THAT FAT KID DESERVED IT!! MAKE ANOTHER REVIEW MOVIE!!! I'M EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER REVIEWED A JIM ETHER MOVIE!! omg dude that was sick jesus u r a sick fuk plz do not makea movie lyk this one again it is just gross u r a gross sick pervert.... LOL!! i don't really get it??? what wer u thikningng?? LOL!! SOMEBODY FORCED ME TO WATCH YOUR MOVIES NOW TAKE THEM DOWN BECAUSE I'M ANGRY... lOl I don't get it :( :( :(.............

What an asshole!

That fat kid, really derseved, what he got!!!!
Stupid idiot!

lolol that was awesome, dude!

I only wish you showed the fat kid taking all of that shit. Oh well, it still made my day.

All your base are belong to us

Pretty clever, but i dont see why they rated it for kids of all ages O.o