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Reviews for "Truck Drivin' Song"

Gah hahahaha! Awesome!

I loved the visualizations you used. That was some crazy funny shit! 5/5 cuz Weird Al fuckin' rules!

I have a message spiderpoperpig

This video is great! What the hell are you saying that it sucks ass? I think Emerald-Fox's reply says it all: If you don't like Weird Al, then why the hell are you watching his videos on Newgrounds?

Good job, Emerald-Fox

I don't like this song, actually

I just kinda dislike how Al sang about panties and nipple rings. But the video was cute! Nice work.

Also, contrary to what the previous reviewer said, the graphics are swell. That's why I called it cute.

very bad

it was bland the graphics were terrible the song was a bad idea and it felt like it was repeated it was terrible

Emerald-Fox responds:

Never fear! Your harsh words will not sway my cause. (and if you think weird al songs are 'bad ideas' then I WANT YOU OUTTA MY HOUSE!).
Thanks for the zero...It means alot to me and I will treasure it. (sarcasm)

It was alright

I like the song but the music video in my head seemed a lot more fast paced than yours, know what I mean?

Emerald-Fox responds:

Yeah like I said it's my first attempt at a song clip...and yes in parts it does seem slow (especially during the"'mother lovin' clutch" section). Anyway thanks for watching and the review.