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Reviews for "Truck Drivin' Song"

I think the animation is actally pretty good, and it fits in with the song very well, top job for your fist flash vid!

Also, transvestitism is not the the same as being gay. Yes a lot of gay people are also transvestites but so are straight people.

Great job wierd al!

What can i expect? Al always has the best and whats better than a g*y truck driver?!?!

Im scarred...

...out of pure awesomenss. It's wierd al. End of it. The flash was kickass

nicely made

you have skillz now turn them in epic skilZ

the optimus reference was funny

Weird Al Rocks!!

I love Weird Al! He's so funny and knows how to make me laugh. I have several of his CD's and I'm hoping to get more. Great job!!