Reviews for "This Is What You Want! PE"

Boobs are great but...

I still like the original better simply because I prefer boobs that don't look like crappy attempts at censorship. So, had you put as much quality into the boobs as you had the dicks, I probably would've found this better.

I still like it

tbh i didnt mind the DILDOS in the original, cos they were funny. If you think people are really that bothered about dildos, then when you make another one of these, but as much of a mixture in as you can... combine them if you want, i dunno (hehe)

still good

this is as gd as the other one just with boobs you didnt have to take out all the dick but try and put more boobs and pussy with them lol anyway well done

Nyahahaha. Boobies.

This one was better. Though...Why was that one finishing move a woman replacing a...well, y'know. ._. IT WAS GOOD! 10!


wow i actually enjoyed this one as much as the other one. lollz you guys are funy