Reviews for "This Is What You Want! PE"

still not perfect

i don't get why you changed the dicks to boobs. the opposite would be pussies. but then again i doubt you know what those even look like. um i think it would be better if it wasn't so disgusting. i mean i'm a lesbian and i like boobs and all but it was a little much. a little less boobs and it would be fine. still better than the dick versions. that was just kinda gross.


That was the best technically "tasteless" thing I have ever seen. The clumsy dubbing of "boobs" and adding tits to everything made me nearly 5#17 myself.


It's only funny if you watched the original version. They were both hilarious. Good work.

Ok Im Scared

Soo Many Boobs :P

Yum Salad Fingers :P "Boob Fingers" Tho :D

Awesome-ness Or Howerver Yoo Spell It :D


the orignal is way better. but all the same ITS FUN TO STAY AT THE YMCA!!!!