Reviews for "This Is What You Want! PE"


I think it was better with the dick jokes. The only problem with this edition was that you pretty much got carried away with the joke.
Unless if it was some joke on people who didn't like the dick jokes.

I dunno, but this edition, is just...

That was so messed up!

I wouldnt expect anything less from you guys though xP


thats what those f*ckers get

i watched your other ones, i thought they were great, and HILARIOUS! until i watched this, and KNEW why u did this. so, perveted retards are like "we see animated fake penises, so we want animated fake tits!" an ruin the damn movie. still, 10/10...
To the others: No more complaining on a damn funny flash!

terrible remake

i stopped watching it after the part with megaman getting aids. i really cant believe i'm gonna say this because it sounds fuckin gay, but the original one with the dick jokes was funnier.


it was really funny but I can easily spot that you were all pissed off because of all the fags that want boobs and didnt get them .

its fun because you really made it like all bored or something