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Reviews for "Thwomps: The Movie 2"

i like it

dude you know what sucks so cya with a ten }=(it sucks

free 10/10 for everyone

i give free 10/10 for ppl who want turd of the week


Dude stop ruining the thwomps with this caveman stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you know what sucks

you,i've been sitting her for fucking months for the next thwopm movie and you putting some fake non related cave man bull shit on newgrounds,the only thing related to the thwomps videos is that name you placed on the movie,i rather call the next thwomp movie

THWOMP MOVIE 2:THWOPS IN TIME!:thats a fucking title!

I give free 10/10's and 5/5's

to people that want their flash to get bad reviews.