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Reviews for "If Futurama was bought by CN"

that is funny

i like the way you drew well every one but i didn't quite like the way you made bender all that much. my only problem is that benders hatch is square not circular but i mean other then that its pretty good. oh and there's scruffy in the back eating a sandwich. lol

TmsT responds:

I redesigned Bender as I imagined a studio like Nick or CN might, which would mean getting rid of his "beer fridge" belly (gotta keep it G-rated!) while at the same time replacing it with something easier to animate.


You've got the Nickelodeon look down pat but the characters are still 100% recognizable. And I love your Hypnotoad!

good thing it wasn't

this is a really good drawing! i'm just supah happy it wasn't heh heh yeeeaaaahh kay. ... (first non random comment... and i don't like it)


That is brilliant, this is the first time looking at a art submission but im glad it was this one.

Love it

you need to make some more so you can be scouted!