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Reviews for "Capture The Flag: Ep 1"

Good job on this flash AND series, man!

Seriously, this is a pretty sick story! I've watched all the parts as of now, and I'm pretty impressed to say the least!

The story, as I've already said, was great! Good voice acting to make it more believable, and it makes you wanna' see more, so good job on that!

Humor? Well, it's pretty good. However, it really doesn't matter too much, 'cause I don't think this series really is about humor too much.

What's the one thing that doesn't make this a 10? Well, in my opinion, the animation quality was a bit stiff. Sorry, but after a while, you kind of get a bit bored. I would say work on smoother, less stiff animation next time, and you've got yourself a winner in this series.

Overall, great job and greater series!
5 outta' 5, 9 outta' 10 and favorited!
Great job!

Not bad

i dont really think that theres nothing wrong with your art. like what coop83 said, i dont think you need the shading on the nose though, kinda like anime chibis theres no nose so its cool. This series is something i would imagine seeing on adult swim. its not too long but it gives a brief intro of Evan and why hes there.
Art 10/10
Voice Acting 10/10
Story ?/10

im gonna watch the rest of the series =)

A good start

This piece sets a firm foundation for the start of the series, with the introduction of a lot of the main characters, you really don't need to go much further with the plotline. A basic introduction to what is going on and a showcase of some decent animation and drawing techniques.

I think that this is going to produce a very nice series, from what I've alreadt seen of Episode 2 and now I'll have to watch Episode 3, just because it's available :)

The one thing I'm not entirely sure about with your drawing style is that the characters' noses disappear when viewed from the front. Perhaps a little shading to indicate that one is still there would help?

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I saw Darnel and Pico in the background, you sly dog, you!


I love this animation. its really good.

I have to ask this.

Don't you think the guy with the blue hair and glasses on the right of the tree. Kinda looks like OTACON from MGS with blue hair.

and the guy with the red scarf neck tie thing is kinda like a brown haired Leon Kennedy (from resident evil 4)

over all good animation