Reviews for "Oh Jesus"


Let the power of Christ compel you... to DANCE!!!

i think i just found my new favourite thing on the internet XD


The father.. The Son... and don't forget The Holy Spirit!
Hey lemme tell you something that you might have missed
About a dude named jesus (don't know lyrics)
They don't wanna tell you this in bible school...
But the n***a had dreads man that cat was cool!
He used to roll around campus in a beat up KIA
With a sticker on the back that said Pow-Mia!
Yo; other MC's don't stand a chance!
Let the power of Christ compel you.. to dance!
He had a goatee and his pants were baggy.
He can do a slam dunk while sittin down; "Shaggy!"
Son of god, awesome-ass bod
Two golden globes... one emmy nod
He is the hippinest hoppinest messiah
And if you heard different, you heard it from a liar.
Everyone thought all hope was lost...
When they nailed J. Diddy to a David cross
Theres no I in team!
But theres a J-E-S-U-S on the scene, ayo its jesus!
Someone let me outta my cage!
I go to church like every day
I'm here to spread the word of god lets do this!
I love all man.. but motherfuck judus! .........
Motherfuck judus!

there is no i team! but there's a jesus on sean!

i loved it becuse it st....just jokeing! it was awsome uh oh! i wont get that song out of my head! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! but jesus is still cool!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh!

Jesus rides around the hood in a beat up kia!

.............wit a sticker on the back that says POW-MIA.......good shit....thats goin on the favorite list,lol


"I love all men but mother fuck Judist" Amazing work, one of the best religious music videos conceived. I'm surprised something of satirical qualitative brilliance hasn't received more publicity or acclaim, although I can understand the controversy it could cause. Just look at some of the negative views hosted here that clearly indicate the ignorance of Christians to realize it's just a joke.