Reviews for "Oh Jesus"

good, jolly good

oh, jesus that was great


fun song


The song is great and funny... Not as sick as I'm used to by Mr. Marc M. but still a very good and funny piece of work...

This gets:
6 points for the idea, (great and very new idea, the idea is always the most important in my opinion)
2 points for the animation, (animation is the movement, graphics are the looks..^^)
1 point for graphic and
1 point for the religious background...^^ (no I'm atheist, by the way)

Could it be that there was a little hint to Iron Maiden for the way Sick Animation was written was the very same as Iron Maiden is usually written... Also the style of drawing reminds me of a mix between the covers of Powerslave and Killers...


First off, how can you find this offensive? This flash is actually more in favor of Christianity than anything else.

Anyway, I love your style. Whoever said cock jokes were old, has never met you.

Oh, come on...

This is not offensive, just funny.