Reviews for "Oh Jesus"

And the lord descended this masterpiece upon us

YESSS! A preview of the new CD :D I saw the CD cover while lurking your forums, and that got me quite excited. I'm going to for sure need to pick this bad boy up. So let's see what we got here, oh Jesus. Some good stuff, some flowin' lyrics about the es oh en, for shizzle. See, I wasn't lied to as a kid, my parents tried to teach me about the cool Jesus you were rappin' about in dis here song. The dreaded one who could slam dunk sitting down, not this, bread magician that you're always hearing about. The graphics were alright, typical Marc M graphics, which, are humorous in their design, and support the feel of the cartoon, so there's nothing wrong with that ;) I love seeing your characters, you draw your people very uniquely :P Some great stuff as always, and can't wait to see this bad boy on the frontpage... hope it inspires a lot of people to buy your album! I know it worked for me :3

All I know is that

Jesus must be spinning in his grave.


Woot!It was awesome :) I laughed so much :) Great work, great song.


that was hilarious it would be a sin not 2 see this on the frontpage


i dont like the voice of the singer!