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Reviews for "Counter-Spoof"


that was really good. the movement on the stick people and the heads were so basic that it was funny, it was a little too short and the CTs owning every1 was a little.......well.........the TERRORISTS DIDNT EVEN PUT UP A FIGHT! WTF!, oh well, still really well made.


The graphics sucked and the sound wasnt the best either. a little too corny in my opinion

kinda stunk

how would this be a school project? Did u go to ur teacher and say, can i make a project based off a game i play that is very violent?
and they would let u have a project like that? if they did ur lucky...
the movie wasnt bad

that was poor

i dont think anyone will fall apart if you shoot them in the real game

but not that bad anyways


Not the best counter-strike pardy i have seen, maybe not even the best graphics i have seen but it was allright.