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Reviews for "Counter-Spoof"

ok but mostly bad

that wasnt funny but it was ok


In reply to iamidiot6 . i dont think a school project could have blood in it........

Nice animation , i like it alot , lol the ending is funny lol Nice animation


The men were killed like they were legos. It didn't look right at all.


*the graphics werent that good, but were ok, i guess...
*if you were trying to make fun of counter strike then you did an awesome job!
*the sounds were pretty basic but mimmiced the origional well enough...
*there was good violence, but it was weak in places (ex. the guy stabs another guy and all of his limbs randomly pop of wtf?!?!)
*i pressed a start button (i think) wheee.... dont get me wrong, its a MOVIE, im not holding that against you.
*it was truly a work of art the way you made fun of counter strike! :)
*overall, a very good job! :)


Graphics werent the best in the world, but hell you made up for it with the sound and style. That was awesome. Funny too how the guy looks at you and nods "enemy down".