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Reviews for "Counter-Spoof"

wtf was that.

that was.. uncool. u made that for school? bleh. im sure anyone who calls for backup while not shooting in the face of the enemy is a very bad player. who the hell plays like that. oh well. it was a nice try wasnt very fast paced as u said but... w/e....

not that great

it wasent funny...it wasnt kool.....so wut were u going for.
and a word of for the future,dont just make anything u made really qwick dosent mean ur good


It was ok. I don't see funny in that, but it was pretty close to how the game runs.


man, this was da sheeot. if anyone has a hate for this movie, then screw them, they suck, this rocked!!!!!!


it was alright, pretty much just another stick movie, your should have just drawn real ppl and not dam sticks, because the sticks where pretty close to real ppl but they where still sticks, needs a pre-loader and play button