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Reviews for "Counter-Spoof"


Watse Of Time...Yes Cts Win...BAD
Pointless...Yes This Sucked...YES

Waste of time

I cant believe i clicked this flas movie. i gave it a 2 to be nice.


umm well...i don't review many movies but i felt like i just had to review this because well...its the worst cs movie i've ever seen.....corny and really didnt...well it just sucked.


1. Learn to draw, your people look like monkeys carrying laser-guns from some cheap sci-fi movie.

2. Make a plot, and maybe some conversations and some effects.

3. The AK47 looked like a piece of crap. I like the AK, so use real pictures if you can't draw proper weapons.

4. Let the terrorist win for gods sake. In every cs movie the Counter-Terrorists win. Make a change; let the terrorists win for god's sake!

5. Include what your prodject was graded!


Better if more terriosts killed then counter-terriosts. At least give em a chance rather then letting only 1 CT die.