Reviews for "Marble City (5)"

Pretty damn cool

dis game wuz pretty damn cool

iameatingjam responds:

thanks homie.


very fun and interactive gameplay. the graphics were just suitible to an arcarde game and it just had a cool vibe to it. i liked the movement but the gun should of had more sign of being fired like a soft touch line lie madness does

iameatingjam responds:

Yes, perhaps I should change it.

not bad

work on your animation a bit and im sure you could make it on the front page

iameatingjam responds:

Sweet, thanks.

Finally, a game and submission with point

Although I can't say it's a great game, I can say it's pretty good, and kept me entertained for a half-hour or so. Then I kept dying too much. A bit buggy on some parts, with the signs and the needles and what-not. Also, just some advice, giving players a bonus life after every 1000 points are accumulated would be nice too.

Overall, a very nice submission amidst the bombardment of crap in the portal. These are tough to find.

cool one

that was a pretty nice game. it took me a minute to get used to the controls and what to do in it, but once i did, then it was quite fun to play. it had a decent plot to it, decent graphics and controls, a neat little character in it and your efforts were nice.