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Reviews for "Multiball"


Pretty cool game, if you improved on the graphics a little more it would be even better.

good game

got pretty difficult after awile, i couldnt even beat lvl 3 cause i wasnt paying attention


I like the game except maybe make the ball follow the mouse?

This was an okay game. I thought it should have been more detailed with more things going on. It was weird how the circle also hurt me. I don't know how that works. You also seemed to have too low of a score. I actually did think this wasn't too much of a bad game, though. It isn't hard to understand.

I REALLY have to stop awarding games points for that. It just doesn't have anything that good or bad. It's nothing to remember. It is nice with its pacing. I can see why this isn't that popular.


It seemed a bit slow at the start but got better.

Was the advertisement during the "loading" really necessary?