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Reviews for "Multiball"

This was an okay game. I thought it should have been more detailed with more things going on. It was weird how the circle also hurt me. I don't know how that works. You also seemed to have too low of a score. I actually did think this wasn't too much of a bad game, though. It isn't hard to understand.

I REALLY have to stop awarding games points for that. It just doesn't have anything that good or bad. It's nothing to remember. It is nice with its pacing. I can see why this isn't that popular.

it sucked

but the idea deserves a 10

well designed game

Man, Casinojack, you're games are realy good compared to mine... I will catch up with you someday, though! ;)


It seemed a bit slow at the start but got better.

Was the advertisement during the "loading" really necessary?

here's an idea...

Make the arrows come diagonally as well, since the balls can too.
Make it even more of a challenge.
Some Music! (hehe)
I liked it, good game.