Reviews for "Battle Garden"


ITS CHALLANGING TO MEH!!!!! it awesome that y u gets 10 STARZ!!!!!!!!!!!

i was the UNIVERSAL DOMINATOR!!! [oh and 5 stars!]

i sucked at this until i figured out the fast reload for the MF-EX.

i was goin for 300 points but i was cut short at 28somthing hundred


I like how you combined Gunny Bunny with Cyber UF2- makes for an interesting game. I also like the fact that its not overly easy like some of the games out there. Fast-paced, requires one to make split second decisions. Difficult enough to make it interesting but not so hard everyone gets mad at it.


I dont know what those guys are talking about this is way too easy. I think the Game is easiest with the first gone. Its fun though.

This is hard I think the author make it easier

Good a little because very hard I only killed 2 enemies DAMN!!!