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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

Dj00wax, this wasn't a rip off of diplomacy!

This was pretty cool! Keep up the good work!


It is ok


This is some crazy shit.Bin laden`s a foolish bastard....

to the guy who posted a review before me....

fuck you my dimwitted anti-american piece of shit, because one, osama didnt blow shit up, he cant even groom himself let alone blow up two towers. crazy motherfuckers who insanely believe in the bullshit laughable relgion "Islam" did it in the name of Allah, lol. and i am not singiling out just Islam, all organized religion is shit and is the reason for all this war shit. but you dont know anything. perhaps in your crappy 3rd world country you hate us. why? you are dumb, some of you think greenspan is our president, jesus, maybe your allah, god, or whatever the fuck you have can take your sorry asses off this wasteland called earth, in the mean time go fuck yourself, america was, america is, america always will be the superior land...why? because we are sane!!!

I liked it. It was funny :)

I do not understand why people criticize the animation. It was quite nice. Though, rather still. I did not like the US patriotism smell in it, but I suppose that was not the point. It was fun.