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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

saw it coming from a mile away!

too obvious, oh and to the idiot who reviewed this last ShadowFinale, allah is just another name for god, the name muslums use. asshole. and i didnt capitolize allah or god on purpose. i think religion is bullshit. and anyways muslums are branch off jews right? yes im right. and what are christians? branch off jews. and islam recognizes jesus as a prophet. ignorant scum you are shadowfinale. and yes i picked up all my info in school which youve never been too ehh shadowfinale? peace out all. im glad to have enlightened all who read this. PEACE OUT

Do you mind wasting my life?

That was so rubbish! I can't wright anything else because that was so depressingly bad it was painful!

Bad, but don't give up!

Ok, granted, this wasn't very good. At all. But, your skill isn't terrible. A few elements in the movie looked all right, and the initial premise of the movie was good. (Anyone who hates America should go f*** themselves. Including those Green Day bastards)

The main thing I would say is that you need to put more detail into the smaller characteristics. Everyone/everything except for Osama and the Santa Soldier looked as if it were just shoved out to fill space.

In short, this needs alot of work. However, you could do alright if you practiced your flash for awhile first. Polish your skills and come back later.

Oh, and, did all of you "HATE" people realize that you're doing the same thing by hating this animation? Just a thought.


The title says what stood out the most about this particular film for me, and I regret to say the stand out wasn't a good one. First of all, I don't know if bin Laden has any children, legitimate or otherwise. But if he did, as the film implies, I still think it's bad. A bunch of kids get annihilated by a bomb. Given the film, it looks like you were trying to say that because of their thoughts, "They deserved it". How the heck is a kid supposed to know the difference between right and wrong regarding this even, especially if they're raised to only hear one side of everything, and especially if the reports are true and few people in Afghanistan even know that the World Trade Center was hit? Anyway, beyond that, I was also disappointed with one major item, the fact that in this video as a response to bin Laden there was, in fact, his demise. I've said the following numerous times in the past on several other videos, but I will say it again for who may have not heard. I don't condone Sept. 11th, and I hope that who is responsible is found and incarcerated, but I don't want to kill the person. I think that human life has its own precious quality about it, a sancitity or sacredness, regardless of whether or not the owner decides to violate that and use it for evil. But because it exists, destroying it is an evil thing in itself, whether you be a terrorist or someone attempting justice. It is wrong no matter who it is or who does it. No one would dare ask who in that tower had committed wrong acts or wasted their own lives, and then say as a result they deserved to get blown apart. That's because each one of them had value, and so each one's death was equally wrong, and the same for this case. And I, for one, cannot see the justice when people become hateful, vicious, bloodthirsty, and angry, kill someone, have a great joyous celebration over the death of someone else, and then claim that justice has been done. There's far too much hate and far too much emotion involved when that is on the line. What more, it is an insult to Americans that we would allow ourselves to become so hateful and vengeful that we would call for the deaths of others, and that we would delight in the death of someone else. That is something that we disdain and condemn when numerous other nations do so, and yet we are expected to be exempt from that? How can we ever expect peace in Israel and Palestine, when every time there is a terrorist attack in the midst of attempts at peace, the other side reacts the exact same way we react now? How can we say they are wrong anymore in endlessly killing one another? Before anything else is done, I think that people need more time to calm down and try and replace the void missing in their lives from the people now gone. It has to happen sooner or later, whether bin Laden dies tomorrow or fifty years from now. But in either case, his death won't do it. I feel it will only increase terrorism, by his death making him a "martyr" to his followers, or by our own vengeful nature, how we destroy so much and do so much collateral damage in our single-minded interest in revenge that we push ten new terrorists over the edge. Where is the benefit in that? And how are we justified if we kill just as many innocents as the terrorists did? How about more? Will we ever apologize for that? At any rate, it's for all the reasons, but mostly because I think killing is wrong, no matter who does it, that bin Laden should be spared. I do thank you for not making a sick torture movie, which does nothing but enables a person to commit all sorts of terrible atrocities and then laugh about it, and also for not having the whole nation of Afghanistan get annihilated by a nuclear weapon or bombings, where the innocent people would be killed along with those we are trying to punish, regardless of whether you are for life or death.

You are too much of a dick to even notice it.

Let me get this straight. Your idea of "classic humor" is an american soldier killing an alleged terrorist in cold blood on christmas eve with a machine gun. The other giggling imbeciles who applaud your witless efforts are just that: it takes no effort to leech off the anti-Osama sentiments of the American populace , make a shitty little cartoon rooted in revenge and hate-mongering, and get rocketed to the front page by a group of vacuous, empty-headed cretins, whose idea of a good time is revisioning over and over the slaughter of an anti-American symbol. You are not funny. All you achieve is a sort of glow thrown around you by the strange need of others to feel the thrill of vindication. If that's what you want, go join the army. You mock the classic, but not humorously. I challenge you to name one funny instance, from the moment Osama's chlidren dream about bombing America to the point at which his turban falls to the ground. It's not humor, it's hatred, and it's insipid.
And no, I'm not making a pitch for bin Laden or against Bush or for or against war, or for any modern political field. I'm trying to defend humor, and ridicule shamelessly leeching off of hate.