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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"


Except for this one. This one was unique, it had something to it that none of the other Osama movies have. It had artisitic ability, it had style, but most of all, it had originality. The whole Osama gig isn't original, but it's original when you put a whole new twist to it like you did.
I thank you for doing this movie, and showing Newgrounds what you need to do to make a topic that is overused, interesting.


Try making good flashes like this without
so much of the racist theme in it.............................

Your work's not bad,

that is good

it a bit funny and a good movie but can you make it better eg you can use a bin laden hater as santa

Too long butt man

Dude Osama sucks my cock but that doesnt mean u have to take 30 minutes to shoot the fuckin rag head peace...good idea tho


ya know it was not bad,but get your own damn music