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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

Damn Dude...

Everyone on Earth Isnt Christian




That was preetie good not the best but good!

great flash

i dunno why da last reviewer went all schizo over this one!! its a J>O>K>E!!! ok?! dont get all hyped about it. sheesh. we all know muslims dont celebrate christmas wierdo. lol. just appreaciate this flash for its humour. i liked da description of da American/Santa's features lol! great

Good stuff!

Well put together and funny. Some choice, well worked out images. Good music etc. well timed.

the animation, such as it is, is well done, but not too ambitious.

Perhaps a few more sound effects may have added to it.

the fianl explosion was not up to much. You could have made it look like the actual house was blowing up, which it didn't.
small details, I know- it was well done and its hard to believe this is your first Flash.

Keep at it.