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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

Crappy animation. Weird idea.

Uncle Sam and Santa are both assholes. There both white bearded, money greedy, white republican men who pray on children to do there dirty work. Was that the point of this cartoon?

lighten up

god damn it that is so funny can u people just lighten up it is a cartoon a well made cartoon americains have killed children but not on purpose, by stupidity maybe, but thay would not blow up a house purposely they would not do any of the things in the movie exept possibly kill bin laden this cartoon is all the product of a deranged mind no offense speaking as a deranged mind myself. all together a bloody good movie

pretty fucking good

dude next time show him getting shot up & please put in splater paterns (the way blood sprays the wall when someone is shot to death)& blood spray

went together really well

great flash

great flash

i dunno why da last reviewer went all schizo over this one!! its a J>O>K>E!!! ok?! dont get all hyped about it. sheesh. we all know muslims dont celebrate christmas wierdo. lol. just appreaciate this flash for its humour. i liked da description of da American/Santa's features lol! great