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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

not bad

That last review was getting alittle too politically correct. It's a freakin flash, you make them for fun... geez.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the sentiment of this piece. You really pulled the animations and the soundtrack together quite well. Although your graphics could use a good bit of work, Great job none the less.


ok for one I dont pay attnetion much to the war in iraq due to it's being marketed like HELL. and two this is a mediocre shit filled cartoon with dry hate filled humor and bad graphics. No i don't support osama but hate like this causes trouble.

Sure put the baddies in jail. but don't make hate filled shows about them. I mean the newspapers dont seem to care about whether osama is evil or not. But they care only about making money off
the deaths of people.


No style thats not already 101% overused. Crappy graphics, mediocre sound. a little bit of vioence. etc. etc .etc. and a horrible theme based on HATE. if youbsse your flashes on hate you'll be comparable to the people we're fighting in iraq.

next time do a better job, and PLEASE delete this yourself.


dragged on a bit, but was christmassy all the same

You are too much of a dick to even notice it.

Let me get this straight. Your idea of "classic humor" is an american soldier killing an alleged terrorist in cold blood on christmas eve with a machine gun. The other giggling imbeciles who applaud your witless efforts are just that: it takes no effort to leech off the anti-Osama sentiments of the American populace , make a shitty little cartoon rooted in revenge and hate-mongering, and get rocketed to the front page by a group of vacuous, empty-headed cretins, whose idea of a good time is revisioning over and over the slaughter of an anti-American symbol. You are not funny. All you achieve is a sort of glow thrown around you by the strange need of others to feel the thrill of vindication. If that's what you want, go join the army. You mock the classic, but not humorously. I challenge you to name one funny instance, from the moment Osama's chlidren dream about bombing America to the point at which his turban falls to the ground. It's not humor, it's hatred, and it's insipid.
And no, I'm not making a pitch for bin Laden or against Bush or for or against war, or for any modern political field. I'm trying to defend humor, and ridicule shamelessly leeching off of hate.

Love the sentiment!

The animation on this really isn't that good, but the sentiment more than made up for it. Woot, all my 5 are belong to this! HO HO HO :D