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Reviews for "Bin Laden's Christmas"

I liked it. It was funny :)

I do not understand why people criticize the animation. It was quite nice. Though, rather still. I did not like the US patriotism smell in it, but I suppose that was not the point. It was fun.

Bad, but don't give up!

Ok, granted, this wasn't very good. At all. But, your skill isn't terrible. A few elements in the movie looked all right, and the initial premise of the movie was good. (Anyone who hates America should go f*** themselves. Including those Green Day bastards)

The main thing I would say is that you need to put more detail into the smaller characteristics. Everyone/everything except for Osama and the Santa Soldier looked as if it were just shoved out to fill space.

In short, this needs alot of work. However, you could do alright if you practiced your flash for awhile first. Polish your skills and come back later.

Oh, and, did all of you "HATE" people realize that you're doing the same thing by hating this animation? Just a thought.

that's not right.

You ruined the thought of Christmas. sure, Binladen's a jackass, but you shouldn't be making these kinds of Flash movies. If that was meant to be an american soldier, you need to learn the difference between a twisted Santa-impersonating burglar and an actual brave-hearted human being. Basically, you shouldn't bring these things back up about Binladen and leave it to the government. And you shouldn't portray an army soldier like a thug.


Try making good flashes like this without
so much of the racist theme in it.............................

Your work's not bad,

Good stuff!

Well put together and funny. Some choice, well worked out images. Good music etc. well timed.

the animation, such as it is, is well done, but not too ambitious.

Perhaps a few more sound effects may have added to it.

the fianl explosion was not up to much. You could have made it look like the actual house was blowing up, which it didn't.
small details, I know- it was well done and its hard to believe this is your first Flash.

Keep at it.