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Reviews for "-= Jump Start =-"


Very nice; I know you intended it to be a hardstyle track, but in my opinion, it makes a much better jumptyle track :3 This again demonstrates you skill to be able to jump genres and still be able to shoot off a good song. I do have to say that it does get repetitive, I looked at the bar, thinking it had looped back, but it was only half way through the song. Otherwise very nice.


TheBiocide responds:

Good input, man! I pretty much agree 100%. (Kind of ironic; I'm not really into jumpstyle yet, I made a 4 minute jumpstyle track :P)

I think the repetition is due to me rushing through the song, not carelessly, just focusing on giving it a high energy feel rather than focusing on it's arrangement :/

Thanks yet again, my friend. You are simply too kind :)

Very Nice

This I a very nice song, my only problem with it is that is gets very repetitive and by the 3 minute mark I felt I had heard nothing more than at the first minute. Otherwise it is a great song.

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it for the most part :) And yeah, I get what you mean with the whole repetition thing. I didn't notice it myself, but a few people have mentioned it. I'd fix it if I could!

Hmm... maybe I need to make another one >:)

I bet people are gonna use this for GD levels because of how freaking hardstyle this song is mate!

TheBiocide responds:

Let's hope so, buddy ;)


It's a nice and energizing tune, however it feels repetitive and I get tired of it quickly. How about more variations to make it more interesting?

TheBiocide responds:

Fair enough :) I didn't really take this song too seriously, so I agree fully. Thanks for your review man.

No Climax?

Yo, I kinda got the Feeling that you have some potential, but it only sounds like an intro...
There's no Climax at all. (Mainpart if you don't know - a different melody, bigger and a real kick)
I hope even if this song is 3/4 years up on ng you can put work into some Hardstyle Songs -
I'd give you a fair review :)

TheBiocide responds:

A 3:48 intro huh? That's too bad, man :/

I intended for 1:30 to kind of be the build and 1:53 to be the "climax". The melody became a lot more intricate and I'm sure you'll find plenty of Hardstyle songs that maintain the same kick throughout. A climax doesn't necessarily have to have a harder, "real" kick. But, for what its worth, I do understand what you mean.

Thanks all the same for the review, though! Unfortunately, I don't see myself doing many songs like this in the future :c My interest in Hardstyle has shifted to Electro House ;D