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Reviews for "-= Jump Start =-"

sick as hell bro

your tracks are fucking awesome i jam out to this shit 24/7 now

TheBiocide responds:

Hahahaha, that's awesome, man. I couldn't be happier with a review like that :) Thanks a lot!

Very hard.


TheBiocide responds:

That's probably one of the shortest but also most flattering reviews I've had. Hahahaha, thanks man! Not just for this review, but all of em :) It really makes my day when someone leaves a bunch of comments on a few of my tracks.


There were a few problems here and there, but who am I to judge something I can't do? Good job. 9/10

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot man! You shouldn't hesitate to let me know what's up though! I don't mind some criticism :)

Simply fantastic

My faveroute music on NG right now. Also one of the few things that I have rated 5/5, 10/10. Keep up the good work.

TheBiocide responds:

Well damn, man. I'm honored :) Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it!

I rather like your style

Its less generic than much of the hardstyle. I'm reminded of myself by you (hope that doesn't sound like a prick-ish thing to say.) You seem to try a bunch of different styles (I do the same thing. I can't stay in one genre.)

Good composition. I'd love to hear this at a rave.

TheBiocide responds:

Hey thanks dude! It's funny that you'd say that because when I went to make this I actually tried to give it a generic, but also fun and high energy, kinda feel. I'm glad you think it stands out in a way though, that's better than what I was going for :D

And I don't think you sound like a prick at all, man. Hahaha, there's plenty of people like us. Comparing yourself to me is just being honest :)

Thanks again, dude. Hope to hear more from you in the future!