Reviews for "Skullhead 'Once A Year'"

That was nice

It's heartwarming to see that a spider and some bunnies would care about Skullhead enough to throw him a birthday party. I'm going to go watch the other episodes now.


That was truly great this guy should make a new brand charecter for NG!


Keep it up I like your taste of music goes well with the flash ..

Though I would suggest you work about on the smoothness, nothing else to say than gr8 work ;D

Happy Birthday!

Now that is some elite/ultimate/crazy/intense flashing right there. I enjoyed it, I haven't seen anything from the Skullhead series before, so I'll have to go back and watch the rest of them. I was surprised to learn that none of the characters talk. In this case, that's not a bad thing. You capture them perfectly without voices and your message gets across fine. I hope your Skullhead series is even more successful in the future.


This is the type of things i want more of on newgrounds, lots of humour without unecessary violence suitable for all!!!!

You rock.