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Reviews for "Those Two Guys 3"

Me AGAIn awsome skit watch akl of em

I knwo i wrote reviews for other 2 but u respond alot I have become part of ur fan base lolz if u hav that anyways... I love how all the preloaders are a little different, but still random and funny... I know what the song is because of all the reviews asking about it so I will save u the time and help u out THE SONG FROM THE END IS WORD UP (BY KORN). awesome dude keep makign more plz ps u r now favorited u as artist so i can watch films wheneva... im lazy

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you very much for that


this one was funnyer than the last one...
Getting better i see.
but it still needs to be more random..
more stuff happening in a little amout of time and make tha thing longer


hes right.....NARUTO'S AWSOME!!!!!!!

cobra0528 responds:



This is hilarious. Whats the song at the end.

cobra0528 responds:

Thank you...it is Word Up by Korn


the turtle wasnt in this one =[ i love turtles =] but it was still funny as hell and i was wondering whats the name of the song u used at the end?

cobra0528 responds:

Word Up by Korn